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Computer Transcription Requires Fewer Supplies

Now that you've decided to enter into the field of medical transcription, you'll find that it's up to you to get the necessary equipment. Most training programs offer very little, if anything, in the way of transcription supplies. There are a few training programs that do include a transcriber, transcription software or WAV player, but this isn't always the case. Even so there are many more tools and software that are required aside from these. The cost of the equipment can be expensive, but considering the salary potential, it's well worth it.

A computer can be an all encompassing workstation for those going into transcription work. This marvel of modern technology can virtually eliminate the need for an abundance of transcription supplies. Before, you might have needed a word processor, voice recorders and all kinds of other gear. Now you can combine many of these operations in a single machine thanks to computer technology and a continually growing library of software. There are now speed-typing programs, segmenting and labeling transcription software and word processing software that are fully compatible with the most popular foot pedals and digital recorders. Some of the most popular brands are ByteScribe and Express Scribe.

Transcription Supplies Should Include Data Storage And Security

With the mention of foot pedals it becomes necessary to address this and other essential transcription supplies. A foot pedal allows you to start and stop voice file playback. This is of the utmost importance when transcribing data. You will also need to have a good pair of headphones. Preferably these should be noise canceling headphones so that you can concentrate on the task at hand while the distraction of other noises dampened. You will also want to invest in a copier, printer or both if you can afford it. Customers want hard copies of dictated information and you need to be able to provide them. They may possibly require data discs in the form of floppies or CDs so a floppy drive or CD burner may also play an important role as well as a larger hard drive for your personal information storage.

In addition to the basic transcription supplies that you'll need such as digital voice recorders or a Dictaphone C phone, you should consider how you'll secure client information. Encryption programs and shredders should be at the top of your list for information protection. Some shredders only shred paper, but there are a number that also shred data discs and large stacks of papers instead of only single or small amounts. Securing data, especially in this age of identity theft should remain a high priority.

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