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Transcription Career Calls For Lots Of Equipment

Those just going into the field of transcription don’t often realize just what is required to become successful at this profession. There is a need for training, time and dedication to locating clients and the requirement of some often expensive transcription equipment. This equipment consists of a number of machines, software and books that are absolutely imperative to conducting a transcription business. If you’re unsure of what’s most essential, here is a list of the bare necessities to get you started.

  • Dictionaries - You probably didn’t expect to see books at the top of the transcription equipment list, but without these all-important texts, you’ll be hard pressed to complete any work successfully. Even long-time transcriptionists rely on medical terminology, medical definition, laboratory, abbreviations and surgical dictionaries among others.
  • Workstation - This is the most essential piece of transcription equipment since your work just can't be done without it. The workstation is more than just a single piece of equipment. It consists of a computer that has a sound card and transcription software. This software includes word processing programs and specialized software for labeling, segmenting and transcribing voice files. There are also time-saving programs that may come in useful such as speed-typing software that anticipates the full word or phrase you'll type from the first few letters typed in. You will also need a good pair of (preferably) noise canceling headphones and a foot pedal for starting and stopping dictation playback. Networking software is also necessary as well as a high speed or (minimum) dial-up Internet connection.
  • Printing and Storage Devices – Since clients will want hard copies of patient data for their own uses, you will need to have a copier or printer available for use. If you plan on offering clients Electronic Medical Records (EMR) then you will need additional transcription equipment that may include servers and large storage devices. For your own personal business use, you may want to purchase a seperate internal or external hard drive with several extra gigs of storage. A 20 GB or 30 GB hard drive can prove invaluable as your business grows.

    Transcription Equipment Should Include Security Measures

    Due to the sensitive nature of the data being transmitted, it's necessary to make sure that information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Paper shredders and encryption software should be considered necessary transcription equipment extras that can be used to help secure data and destroy private files. There are shredders that can destroy data discs and large stacks of papers to make security operations much easier.

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